Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Senator Chafee Delivers $200,000 to Family Service of Rhode Island

U.S. Senator Lincoln Chafee today announced that he has secured $200,000 in federal funding for Family Service of Rhode Island. The earmark was included in the FY06 Transportation-HUD Appropriations bill. The non-profit agency plans to use the funds to transform a house into a safe and family-friendly trauma center.

“Family Service is highly regarded for the exceptional, coordinated, and comprehensive services that it provides to the citizens of our state,” said Senator Chafee. “I believe that a federal investment of $200,000 to assist with improvements to this building provides a significant boost to this project,” said Senator Chafee.

Family Service of Rhode Island’s CEO Margaret Holland McDuff thanked Senator Chafee for his support of the victims of violent crime. “When a child experiences violence he or she may feel the effects for years. School performance and relationships may suffer, leading to failure. Our goal is to intervene as soon as possible,” said McDuff.

Rooms will be designed for family therapy, play therapy, and normal family activities, such as preparing a meal together. “We believe healing is more likely in a non-institutional setting. Using that simple inter-active experience can be a way to rebuild relationships severed by trauma,” McDuff explained.

“With love and perseverance, Family Service is helping thousands of Rhode Islanders find security and stability in their personal and daily lives. The hard work and advocacy that Family Service does each day makes an enormous difference in the lives of many,” Chafee concluded.

Family Service of Rhode Island has been working in partnership with the Providence Police Department to assist victims of violence. The agency provides counselors to crime scenes and police sub-stations and they ride along on patrols, assisting officers with social issues they may confront.