Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Boston Red Sox at Quanacut House!

On Wednesday, January 11, about 11:15 a.m. the Boston Red Sox bus pulled up in front of the Family Service of Rhode Island group home for boys in East Providence, Quanacut House. And who should get out? Ron "Papa Jack" Jackson, Boston Red Sox hitting coach, along with mascots from the Sox and the PawSox.

The Boston Red Sox adopted Quanacut House several years ago, providing a grant as well as gifts for the boys who live there. The Sox have stayed in touch with the Quanacut House residents, inviting them to be their guests at Fenway during the season.

Ron Jackson played with the Angels, the Twins, the Tigers and the Orioles. While he was playing table hockey with the boys, we couldn't help but notice a huge ring on his finger--the World Series ring!

Of course, Ron's specialty is hitting, and he took some time outside to show the boys how it's done. One of the youngsters pitched a rubber ball at him and he hit a line drive!

"Papa Jack! Papa Jack!" the boys shouted!

A lot of the fun took place in Quanacut House's recreation center, where Coach Jackson and Wally the Green Monster played foosball and table hockey with the boys.

He, of course, signed autographs.

One of the boys was in the hospital, so Coach Jackson took time to write a nice note. Next to him is Quanacut House manager Iris Waite.

It was a fun time for all!